We offer a number of other services that includes painting, coatings, flooring and trim work. We implement sophisticated design and technology to give you a beautiful and functional space. We can handle both interior and exterior coatings for wood,masonry, stucco, concrete and mutipleother substrates.

Pressure washing. We include this in most of our exterior coatings as part of the preparations and will also pressure wash for maintenance and cleaning of your roofs, homes and businesses.

Stone, Concrete, Masonry. We have some of the highest quality products for the harder substrates to protect and seal. Aquron is the manufacturer of some of our sealers and protective coatings we use on a regular basis. We have done detailed research into many manufacturers and product and have come to the conclusion that Aquron has the best products to offer for these coatings.

Driveways and Garages. These areas are some of the most viewed areas of the home. We need a good high quality and lasting coating for the driveway and garage, both for durability and aesthetics. We offer high end durable finishes for all your needs.

Custom Faux Finishes. We offer multiple Faux finishes from Marble Faux, Wood Grain Faux, Venetian Plaster and many others to suit your needs and feelings. Turn your "House into your home".

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Pressure Cleaning

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Stone and Paver Waterproofing and Sealers