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Paver and Stone Sealers
Custom Faux finishes and protective coatings

By hiring our pool and deck coating services, you can transform and protect the style of your entire home easily. We have high quality products that completely seal and protect your substrates. 

Crete Grip is a clear, non pigmented finish, acrylic adhesive, high performance for non treated concrete and previously coated concrete or deck surfaces. A penetrating primer and troubleshooting primer and bonding agent. This product provides exceptional adhesion, penetration and bonding properties. Has excellent penetration on porous surfaces and superior adhesion on non- porous or compatible previously coated surfaces.  

Enviropoxy is a two part , hard finish, low V O C, environmentally safe, waterborne epoxy.

Ultrathane-40 is a high performance industrial grade 100% Urethane 40% solids clear gloss sealer and finish. Has excellent durability,gloss, UV resistance and chemical resistance. Is recommended for most any interior and exterior substrates. Gas, fuel oil and chemical containment coating.

We offer solutions for all of your pool and deck coating projects.  We work with some of the best products on the market today and continue to research the industry for bigger and better solutions.

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