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We aim to eliminate the task of dividing your coatings project between different contractors and painting companies. We are a full service painting and coatings company that offers commercial services for your entire project from initial planning to the final construction and completion.

We offer high quality ceramic roof and wall coatings for all of your needs. Our roof and wall coatings can substantial change the temperature of the building inside with it's UV reflective qualities and potentially save on expenses.

Perma BondSuperior Quality ELASTOMERIC ACRYLIC ADHESIVE Tie and Bond, Waterproofing Primer and Sealer. Excellent Adhesion and Bonding to Most Any Type of Roofing Surface. High Solids Resin Formula has Excellent Waterproofing Properties and will Seal and Prevent Most Leaks. Great for Locking Down Loose Gravel. PRIMER COAT designed for the PERMAKOTE®, PERMAKOTE® SEMI-GLOSS, PERMAKOTE®SILVER SEAL, PERMAKOTE PLUS®, PERMAKOTE SUPER PLUS® and/or METALUX™ ELASTO Coating Systems.

Perma PatchSuperior Quality Brush or Trowel Grade White ELASTOMERIC Acrylic High Solids Waterproofing Caulk and Sealant. Minimal Shrinkage for Filling and Patching of Seams, Cracks, Vents, Holes, Etc. Multi-Purpose For Horizontal or Vertical Surfaces such as Roofs, Floors, Walls and More.

Perma Kote Super Plus, Superior Ponding Water Formula for Unsurpassed Quality and Performance. An ELASTOMERIC POLYUREA Waterproofing, Insulating CERAMIC, Protective Roof Coating System for FLAT, SLOPED and/or PONDING WATER Applications (not to exceed 1/2" of Standing Water). Excellent Waterproofing, Insulating, Soundproofing and Mildew Resistance. Protects and Beautifies.

Perma Gaurd Elasto-CeramicPremium Quality Elastomeric Acrylic Insulating CERAMIC Waterproofing High Build Extreme Durability Roof Coating. Superior Mildew Resistance, Durability and UV Reflectivity. Efficient Insulating & Soundproofing Properties. 

Ceramic Force Primer, Exterior Insulating Ceramic PrimerQuality Acrylic Insulating CERAMIC Primer and Sealer. High Resin Concentration has Excellent Adhesion, Bonding and Sealing for Wood, Metal and Masonry Surfaces.

Ceramic Force, Acrylic House and Trim Ceramic CoatingSuperior Quality Acrylic Insulating CERAMIC House and Trim Paint. High Hide, Excellent Adhesion, Durability and Mildew Resistance. For use on multiple substrates, wood, concrete, brick, masonry, stucco, primed metal and primed synthetic and aluminum siding. 15 year limited material warranty.

Super Ceramic One Coat, Superior Quality Acrylic Insulating CERAMIC One Coat High Hide House and Trim Paint. Excellent Adhesion, Durability and Mildew Resistance. For Wood, Metal and Masonry Surfaces. 10 year limited material warranty.

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