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We offer a wide array of quality state of the art coating and painting solutions for industrial spaces that not only looks good but also lasts longer.

Industrial coatings include two part Epoxies and Urethane's tested and tried for the inclement weather from north to south. Surfaces include Steel and Concrete Tanks, Bridges, Rail Cars, Propane Tanks, and many other substrates.

Rhino Rust Bond, Epoxy/Rust Inhibiting Metal Primer which encapsulates rust and will prevent rust from growing and spreading once we have coated the substrate. Rhino Rust Bond provides exceptional adhesion to rusted, aged and corroded surfaces and can be applied in the field.

Rhino Mastic Epoxy is a surface tolerant epoxy coating that forms a tight bond with the substrate and sets to a hard finish. It offers excellent adhesion and protection to clean steel, rusted steel, concrete, weathered galvanized surfaces and most existing cured coatings. Rhino Mastic Epoxy does not require costly and dirty sandblasting prior to application. It provides long term protection to previously painted surfaces. Ideal for  steel beams, piping, tanks, bridges and structural steel among other various applications.

Rhino Two-Part Urethane, Industrial Gloss Polyurethane is a high gloss, acrylic polyurethane coating. With a high solids formula this product provides superior weathering and high quality color retention. It is classified as an industrial urethane coating designed for harsh environments and offers outstanding resistance to acids, stains and chemicals. Rhino Urethane is a flexible coating that maintains durability with structure movement. This product offers Graffiti Removal of spray paint (100% removed with Ketone solvent).

Industrial Floor Coatings:

Enviropoxy, Industrial Strength Epoxy Protective Coating and Flooring System can be used on most any substrate. Great for use on interior walls and floors in restrooms, locker rooms, shower stalls, meat packing plants, dairies, schools, hospitals, factories and everywhere a tough, highly cleanable, chemical and solvent based resistant coating is needed.

Tread Kote, Impervious Cushioned Flooring System, designed for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. This is an extremely durable and flexible flooring and walkway system which complies fully with Green Product Technologies. Tread Kote provides excellent traction for added safety and promoting a hygienic environment.

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